The Artists

Nicholas Shaplyko & Ekaterina Sorokina


K & K

Members of the International Federation of Artists & the National Artists Union of Russia

Granted Permanent Resident status in the US as Artists With Extraordinary Abilities (1994)

Created and Co-Founded the Museum of Modern Renaissance (2002)


Nicholas and Ekaterina use every practical skill imaginable in the continuous process that is the Museum of Modern Renaissance.

Ekaterina holds a PhD in economics and building construction. An artist of many talents, she has been drawing and designing costumes since she was a child.

Nicholas studied in a time before computers, when things were done “the hard way” and an architect needed to be able to “make everything from a doorknob to a general plan.” Trained in sculpture, painting, drawing, drafting, world history, art history and the history of architecture, among many other things, he is a true Renaissance man.

The artists state that,"The first Renaissance brought beauty and humanity back to society, and we think it’s time to do it again."


Both Ekaterina and Nicholas were born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

The city looms large in the national imagination, but for the artists it is more. It is home. Even after years away, their hearts belong to Moscow. They love its streets, churches, and houses. They love its unique atmosphere, its rich history, and its beauty.

One Russian philosopher said that beauty is the highest form of love. You can feel the artists' love for their home- and for each other- in the art they created together with warmth and generosity.

Enjoy it.

Our Style

Unlike traditional oil painting, Nicholas and Ekaterina place their color on black canvas.

“In our paintings we use all seven colors of the aura," They say, "We use only pure tones. The purity of the tones is comparable to musical notes, and each note must resonate in a sound. We tune ourselves to hear a beautiful composition which heals us and makes us stronger.”

Their works posses a distinctive texture, like a tapestry or rug. They use lines and colors like threads, weaving the images and ornamentation so that each work emanates energy and warmth.

How We Work Together

Nicholas and Ekaterina create each piece together.

They do not discuss or sketch before they begin. Their spontaneous collaboration is what gives the art its vibrant energy. There is no room for mistakes or opportunity to correct. Each line, each color, each movement can only be made once.

Like giving birth to a child, their art is born of both male and female efforts.

Ekaterina with a work in progress

Ekaterina with a work in progress

Nicholas at work

Nicholas at work

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