The Building Today: Museum of Modern Renaissance

In 2002, Russian-born artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina bought the building.

Arthur G. Costa and Robert F. Doherty represented the Masonic temple. The couple has transformed the hall into their shared artistic vision. The original windows and some furniture are all that remain of the plain interior. The unique environment they have created is a living artistic project as their home and personal space. Beginning in 2005, Nicholas and Ekaterina have been committed to opening their world to the larger community. Their Museum of Modern Renaissance has inherited a legacy reaching back to the 1700s, which they use to maintain the space and invite others in. This temple of art on College Avenue is expanding a long tradition of neighborhood and civic involvement.  

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Before and After: Masonic Lodge to Museum of Modern Renaissance

Ekaterina and Nicholas have transformed the hall's interior while making use of the previous occupants' benches and thrones.